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monkey bars gloves

As a dedicated childcare provider, I deal with children on a daily basis. Seeing them smile, laugh and play gives me great joy. But with much fun comes the inevitable injuries, it pains me to see them get injured due to their carefree attitude towards having a great time. Kids get horrible blisters on the monkey bars, riding bikes, climbing ropes to mention but a few! Blisters are open wounds and can cause infections and also very destructive for kids, kids concentrate on peeling their skins while in classrooms. I thought to myself, something needs to be done. How can we protect our children and the same time not restricting them to enjoy themselves? That was when I went online to get a pair of gloves for monkey bars but to my great surprise, no one had monkey bars gloves. How can we not have something so vital in protecting our kids? As it is rightly said- necessity is the mother of invention. I went in search immediately for a manufacturer who can create my new kid's gloves and I filled a patent for this gloves. After a long search, I finally got one. Monkey bars gloves goes beyond the function of ordinary gloves, it helps protect our kids from inevitable injuries they might encounter while playing. With the awesome design, it adds spice to their playtime and the good news is they can wear them for fashion statement while the gloves do their work by protecting them. Kids love these gloves at the playground and even at home, just wearing them around can be used for tennis and cartwheel gymnastics etc. We parents and caregivers can now sit and relax while we watch our children play or do what they love in the safety and comfort of monkey bars gloves.

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